Consensus Award

Consensus Award

Australian Technology Showcase Award

Australian Technology Showcase Award


User Testimonials

Toby Green of OECD on eComPress:

"...the length and content of the MTC made PDF a poor solution...eMTC is a 3D product with commentary and history attached to each paragraph of the Convention. We needed a sophisticated solution that would enable users to navigate between the different types of content very quickly; users can now link from an article to its commentary instantly. The advanced annotation facility in eComPress allows tax professionals using eMTC to attach personal notes to specific areas of text, without jeopardizing the integrity of the actual publication."


Peter MacDonald of Taxpayers Australia on Tax Summary 2005/2006:

"The beauty of the improved electronic version lies in its annotation feature. Notations on various tax structures for example can be made throughout the publication and will automatically be transferred to future updates, unlike the hard copy. Post-It notes don't transfer into new versions of the Tax Summary, so in effect, the hard copy becomes near useless. Professionals will now be able to effectively build their own libraries on an ongoing basis. Not only is individual Intellectual Property maintained, but also that of our Association."


Ian Coltart of World Health Organization on eComPress:

"...The eComPress technology has enabled WHO to publish a complex classification consisting of 3 volumes and 12,500 codes in a simple, easy-to-use electronic format. The ICD-10 product significantly enhances the usability of ICD-10 with its simple navigation, high level of searchability and linking, and its intuitive and versatile browser interface. We are hopeful that this product will become an invaluable resource for the professional medical coding community and other users of ICD-10."


Brian McCarthy, Software Engineer of ESRI, on ICD-10-AM:

"The solution is a very secure one. The information it contains is encrypted and can't be altered. I am happy that it is a robust piece of software as there hasn't been one problem at any of the hospitals at this point. Each hospital has its own different way of doing things and the ICD-10-AM e-Book works in all hospitals, operating across all different types of platforms. It's very versatile."


Rod Bernard, Publications Manager of NCCH, on ICD-10-AM:

"Instead of issuing paper-based errata that coders need to insert by re-writing the changes into their books , a whole new version of the classification can be sent out electronically with the changes highlighted. The room for error is reduced significantly."