Important Features & Benefits

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For Reference Publishers:



Key Benefit


Other Benefits

Fast & Precise Searching

  User productivity greatly improved and comprehension errors notably reduced   Guaranteed to find all results... less User frustration

eComPress Publisher Toolkit

  Significant cost & time saving by enabling in-house publishing and distribution   Minimal training required and processing can be done when if required

RSA Encryption & content Security

  Secure content & source identity, with complete and centralized control of versioning and licenses   Copyright protection and rights management built-in at inception by the publisher

10X Compression

  Very FAST downloads... even over mobile and low bandwidth networks   Even very large publications are quickly downloaded

Distribution Options

  Choice of Download or USB or CD creates choice & flexibility   Harmonious with existing User preferences

Small Secure Embedded Viewer

  Downloads quickly, and users do not need to download dedicated viewer applications   Eliminates version control and incompatibility headaches

Exhaustive Content Indexing

  All words, numbers and alpha-numerics are automatically indexed by the Toolkit without the need for any keyword lists   Saves time creating keyword lists & improves ease-of-use

Tree Table of Contents Generation

  Multi-level Tree Table of Contents automatically generated by the Toolkit from the content   Saves time and guarantees an accurate Tree Tables of Content

Publishers can selectively collaborate with subscribers

  Publishers can annotate their master copy and selectively share these annotations immediately with subscribers   Search includes User Notes, so Users enrich content over time, & allow interaction in context between the Publisher & Users

Extensible across Multi-Volume libraries

  Multi-volume publication libraries are easily managed and updated   Individual volumes can be updated and searched with minimal user involvement

Built-in network support

  Install on a LAN/WAN server for fast multi-user access across large networks   Number of concurrent Users can be controlled with Authorisation Keys



For eComPress End Users:



Key Benefit


Other Benefits

Super-Fast Power Search Options

  Wild Cards, Boolean, and/or, &/| etc. searches produce useful results instantly and are displayed in context   Users get relevant results faster than online searching

Tree Table of Content shows # of search hits (results) with the HitMap and HitCount

  User can instantly see where the search results are located by simply looking at the Tree Table of Contents   The HitCount immediately shows the relevance of different groups of hits

Collaborative Notes Annotation

  Users can create, capture, share and control Notes in context   Individual volumes can be updated and searched with minimal user involvement

Easy-to-use Built-in 'browse-style' Viewer

  Familiar and intuitive to all Windows Users   No complex instruction manual, novice users can find a result <1 minute

SECURITY Multiple Overlapping

  Small RSA Code signed viewer guarantees the source, unique encoding guarantees the content integrity, and CRC that it is always 100% complete   Guaranteed content & NO risk of contamination with malware

Dynamic Tree Table of Contents

  User always knows where they are, with their location high-lighted in the tree table of Contents   Table of Contents is automatically pruned to reduce long branches

Multi-View Window

  Enables fast and easy cross reference of up to four areas of content simultaneously   Improves comprehension and reduces errors

Smart Table headings

  Freezes the heading at the top of the screen for long tables   Ensure unambiguous interpretation of complex content

Copy integrity

  Print & copy and paste tables and spreadsheets with all formatting preserved   Guarantees the integrity of content copied to other applications

Desktop Drag-on Tool

  Enables instant search & access directly from any other application on the desktop   Instant access to mission & business critical information

Instant access off-line

  FAST immediate access to critical information, even when Internet access is not available   Especially suitable for mission & business-critical content and LAN/WAN installation

eComPress Alert update online

  Automatically provide updates to users when they are connected online   Users can be confident they always have the latest version