Competitive Comparison

Product Attribute







Search Speed & Precision


Proprietary algorithm for ultra-fast, precise searches with support for logical searching and multiple wildcards


Search speed & results quality vary with content size - third party indexing tools available


Limited search facility

User Annotation in context


Annotation enables rich collaboration, with Notes automatically transcribing in context to new editions


Good, but annotations are part of the content and do not transcribe to new edition


Lacks Annotation Specification

Embedded Intuitive Viewer


Viewer download not required, users instantly access content


50+ MB Download required, many features designed for printing, regular large updates - 'challenges'


Various third party reading Apps or plug-ins

Security & Encryption


Extremely robust multi-layer security with RSA Code Signed download publications


Numerous and well-known security limitations with content integrity & malware


No content security or malware protection provided

Digital Rights Management


Extensive & complete control over all content programmed-in when processed


Difficult to manage and control


Requires additional programming and/or Apps

Content Control & Updating


Simple online updating with 100% assured content integrity


Limited options for managing and assuring updates


Limited options for managing and assuring updates

Size and download speed


Very small permanently compressed file including viewer


Limited compression with degradation of output


No compression, files can be zipped but unzipping is required to view